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I'm 5 wks. And I'm just overwhelmed thinking ahead. How do you full times mom do it with day care or having a sitter ? Any resources you guys use? Don't really have family near by to really help.
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Start looking now that is what I did. If not you might end up with a very expensive one. I think I was about to be six months when I reserved mine. She is very nice and at decent price. Although there is some that charge not as much as the franchise day cares those are the ones hard to get in because they only take a few. I interviewed over 30 nanny’s didn’t like them except for one. The one I liked I did trial with just cleaning and did things the way she wanted even though I had told her already not to. For example I told her not to clean the masters she still did. Just start now that’s all I recommend and you will fine something that fits you.

Yelp, google search engine especially, post, but don’t go through them just use them to find a day care if not it will more expensive, and do a lot of tours.

WeeCare sorry and use the app but like said just to find don’t go through them

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