Silent reflux

Hey everyone. My 6 week old was diagnosed with silent reflux , first few weeks we was managing ok with gaviscon but I was mix feeding however since my supply has lessened I’ve been giving formula only and now he’s quite constipated with the gaviscon.. I’m having to help him every single time with exercising etc . I’m wondering if anyone else has experienced this, if your babies were on omeprazole, how long did it take to take effect ???
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My little one had reflux and we switched him to Reflux formula (aptimil) and it worked wonders Not sure about the constipation but maybe try the new formula and it might work itself out?

I had this with my first, I was told to persist with gaviscon but he was in agony with the constipation. We initially dropped the gaviscon and tried the cow and gate anti reflux which continued to constipate him, the health visitor said to try the comfort milk but that sent him the other way. I was fed up of all the backwards and forwards and short term fixes and I asked for the omeprazole, they agreed and literally after a day or two, he was like a different baby. Omeprazole is literally a game changer for reflux, well it was for us! Good luck 🤞🏼 x

@Jessica how old was your little One when they were on omeprazole ?? Did bowels work normally when taking omeprazole?

@Jessica also did your little one have a constant stuffed nose

@Suraiya he was about 8/9 weeks old when green tongue omeprazole. He was 9lbs born so they measure the dose by their weight and not their age. And yep, bowels went back to normal and we returned to the normal cow and gate too. They kept insisting we try lacto free milk too but it was clear the issue wasn’t CMPA. And yeah he was very snuggly, he was a csection baby and they said it would get better over time as csection doesn’t help them remove excess fluids like natural labour does, but he’s 2 now and still a heavy breather but not as bad as he used to be x

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