Prenatal clases

Hi! Does anyone recommend any prenatal classes in San jose Area?
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This is a good question!!!

I'd like to know too

Breathe Together in Los Gatos has a great prenatal yoga class.

I took mine through Sutter Health. It was online modules with 1 day-long in-person session. I liked it and it fit my schedule.

Your doctor should give you some options for prenatal classes! But I highly recommend getting a doula! A doula is a emotional and physical support person highly skilled in the art of labor. They have much lower c section rates and have a natural and gentle approach to labor. They give you coping mechanisms, breathing techniques, and positioning for a smooth and active labor. If it’s something you are interested in I am offering my services for the months forward and we can discuss a package :)

I did mine through Kaiser - online.

I felt very prepared and had a great labor and birth after taking birth classes from Tracie at inspired birth! She incorporates hypnobirthing, lots of labor comfort measures, and is really good at explaining what to expect and how to prepare for postpartum

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