breastfeeding and periods

I’m 8 weeks post c-section and have been breastfeeding successfully since then. My lochia finally stopped last week and I had thought it started again this week but it’s more period like than watery discharge. Plus I’ve had mild cramps and that worthless/sad feeling i often got during my periods pre-pregnancy. My baby is starting to sleep between 5 to 7 hours a night regularly now, and I haven’t been waking to pump as I’ve loved the sleep and extra energy it’s giving me. Are the two linked? I assumed my period wouldn’t start again till after I’d stopped breastfeeding. Does anyone know if having a period will impact my milk supply at all?
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hey I don’t have an answer to this sorry! But could I ask how your C-section recovery has been? i just found out yesterday that i’ll be having one and have no idea what to expect 😬 Did you still feel like you needed adult nappies/ disposable underwear? did you need a Peri bottle?

@Libby I didn't need a peri bottle. I wore maternity pads for 2 days and then moved to nighttime period pads for 5 days. I've been on day pads since and haven't really bled much. I've had two emergency c sections now and was doing 15minute walks at 3 days and 2-3 hour walks from 10days after. I'm now under 3 weeks pp and feeling good. Doing most tasks, just not lifting heavy items. Although I've been able to lift my 4-year-old son a few times for a cuddle now. Hope this helps.

My baby is 15weeks old and still no sign of my period. I ebf for 6weeks now he just feeds from me in the night and still not back. 🥴

ahhh thank you so much!! 😊

I ebf my son for 13 months, and got my period back around 10 months My daughter is 4 months and ebf, but this time I got my period at 11 weeks Your supply may drop slightly while on your period but it will go back to normal afterwards providing you keep feeding the same as normal

@Libby i was so worried about the recovery but i really shouldn’t have been. you’ll be stiff and slow for a few days but after that you’ll feel more able to do things like gentle chores or a walk round the block. take things easy and keep to the medicine schedule the hospital gives you. i bought lil lets maternity pads and they were fab, you’ll be wearing them for a while so be sure to buy in bulk! i used a peri bottle during the first week to clean after toilet but didn’t need it as i got my flexibility back. i had an elective section as my baby was breech and it was a really positive experience. you’ll be absolutely fine 😊

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