Baby cereal in bottles

Hey everyone, I recently seen moms putting baby cereal in their baby formula bottles. What are your inputs about that. I was told it keeps the baby full but then I heard no to do that and just have it in a bowl as a regular baby cereal. Asking as a FTM
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Definitely not, it creates a choking hazard and has no benefit. If you do want to try it, make it very watered down with breast milk or formula (the side of the box should give you directions.) and only in a bowl with a spoon.If you’re worried your child isn’t eating enough, try offering them an extra ounce of milk. Babies will stop eating when they’re full.

What I’ve heard from baby feeding experts is that we should only try giving babies any kind of solids once they can sit up completely unassisted and letting them use their hands or hold their own spoon is best to avoid choking. It will get messy though lol. Probably not until more like 6 months.

I would make sure it's the oat kind. Baby rice cereal is no longer recommended due to arsenic exposure. As always, check with your pediatrician before starting solids.

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