Sleep Regression

I don’t know if this is a cry for help or just to write about it. But sleep regression is killing me! I thought we got over it the first week she turned four months. Waking up every two hours. Then she improved for a couple of weeks now it seems she goes down at first for 2/3 hours and then after that it’s every single hour. And she’ll only go back down after a feed (EBF) and even then it takes around 20 mins of her wriggling etc for her to go to sleep. Is there anything that can be done or just need to ride it out?
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Literally in the same boat, we were just getting over the sleep regressions of him waking every 3 hours, previously sleeping through the night, and now he's waking every hour 😪

Yep, same here. A 3 hour stretch followed by every hour for 10mins of BF.

Same here! It’s absolutely brutal 😓

I’m exhausted :(

Dealing w it rn at 4 months 🫠 he won’t sleep until I’ve rocked him and sang to him

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