Breastfeeding mommas

Who else felt uncomfortable nursing stoned? I mean the sensation of the milk flow is so weird. I smoke occasionally and when i do its after nursing but recently he caught me off guard with the cluster feeding… i wanna know more experiences and if so did you mommys overcome that feeling?
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It didn’t feel weird physically for me. It was just mentally fucking with me so I stopped

yes 100% felt super weird for me, the milk flow and her sucking just felt so uncomfy at first but got better over time for me. i remember i took an edible and i had 3 bottles pumped for the night and she usually wouldnt even finish the third, but ending up waking nearly 10 times to feed in one night and eventually breastfeeding felt normal again! couldve been cause my tolerance was so low since i didnt smoke at all in my pregnancy

i smoked and breastfed my 1st and now my 2nd. the only way i avoided the sensation was by taking ibuprofen prior to feeding.

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