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Hey mommas! So I have been on birth control before I was trying to get pregnant, I had the implant and I’ve also taken the pill. I was just curious if anyone had a different kind of birth control that didn’t cause a lot of hormone imbalance.
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I'm getting my copper IUD on the 20th. No hormones needed!

I’m getting the copper iud once I’m cleared at my 6 week appointment

Depending on your BMI there is a patch you can get that you change out once a week.

I’m super sensitive to hormones, so I had a copper iud for years. LOVED it. It hurts going in and not at all coming out, but after birth and recovery, it’s nothing

@Kirsten I got my second iud 6 weeks PP & it was just uncomfortable I wouldn’t even say it hurt. It was way better getting it PP, the first time I couldn’t even drive myself home after. Also if breastfeeding you’ll likely bleed a lot less !

The Nuvaring worked best for me! Hormones fuck me up and I've tried a bunch of different birth controls. And we were able to conceive within 3 months of when we stopped using it, if that's a concern. I don't know if you can take it while breastfeeding though...

I had the copper IUD and got it taken out after a couple months. I had copper toxicity and when they took it out it already looked rusted on the coils. It was supposed to last 12 years according to my OB! Put me into the worst depression of my life. It works great for some people but just did not agree with me. We also found out it doesn't keep you from getting pregnant but makes the area a hostile environment for an egg and sperm to survive, which didn't sit with us ethically and was another reason we wanted it out. Once my period comes back we will be going back to Natural Cycles, which my husband and I used before we started trying :)

@Miranda thank you so much for this. I really don’t want to get an IUD because I’ve had friends that had it and hated it. And I did not know that about it creating a hostile environment, thank you!!

@Amber hormones mess with me too, they did especially with the implant. But I’ll ask my OB about the Nuvaring thank you!

I use natural cycles & the oura ring

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