Help with gas pains

My LO is 3 weeks old and breastfed, his pediatrician said breastfed babies rarely get constipated however my sweet boy seems to have a hard time getting poop out. I’ve tried rubbing his tummy, gripe water and doing bicycles to help get out gas but nothing works for him. What else can I go to help give my LO relief??
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How old?

@Caitlin 3 weeks

@Jordan is he in pain/grunting while trying to poop? Or just not pooping bf babies sometimes can go a few days without pooping. You can always try fridababy windis and even warm baths help a ton to get shit moving literally.

He grunts, his tummy gets really tight and he locks his legs up. I haven’t slept in two days because he wakes up every hour with gas pains.

@Jordan try the windis. Also bf babies definitely can get constipated. Their bellies are still learning how to work. You can also see if he has a cow milk protein allergy/intolerance by getting him tested because some babies have that and the protein will transfer to your breast milk. Also my bad I see that in the post you said 3 weeks but my tired and sick brain wasn’t working when I read it.

Like Caitlin mentioned, it could be from food that you are eating. BF Babies don’t necessarily get constipated, but their muscles are still learning to work together to poop. Try using gravity to assist when hes making the grunting noises, I like to rest baby on my legs with my knees up in bed. They will be inclined so bicycles or “I love you” tummy massage, after a warm bath to relax muscles. You’ve probably heard of people complaining their baby always poops in the car seat- it’s the perfect angle to help get things moving so you can also try that!

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