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My son will be two on the 20th of this month, is anyone else seeing a sleep regression with their two year olds? He's been sleeping on his own since 9 months and this is kinda new to me. 🥲
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Yes! Ours lasted about 3 weeks and now he's sleeping better than ever

My daughter turned 2 on the 2nd. She has always slept alone except for a handful of awful nights and is going through a sleep issue as well. It's been going on atleast a month now. I am a night owl and work from home and we had a great schedule (she went to sleep around 11/1130, woke up about 1030-11) she is now not going to sleep until 130/2am even without a nap but still waking up at the same time. I am tired!

Ours was about 2 weeks before he turned two (last week) I double down on the night time routine and made sure to include a warm bath right before bed time. I also started doing the night time routine in super dim lights and it eventually worked. Fingers crossed she starts sleeping earlier for you!

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