If you give your kids the usual childhood vaccines..

This is a reminder to make sure all their shots are documented. I switched my kids’ doctor 3 times in 5 years and their current doctor told me my oldest didn’t have all her shots. I know I’ve given them both all their vaccines so I didn’t let them make up the missing shots. I just found a picture of a vaccination records form in my phone from 2019 with 7 vaccines that were “missing” according to her current file. When I gave the last office the form they didn’t update their system like they said they would so the records they transferred didn’t include the shots the first doctor gave. I have to go get the records form from the original doctor’s office before signing my daughter up for school. I’m glad I didn’t let them give 7 extra shots for no reason. Don’t trust a doctor’s office to do things right.
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What I let them do is print out copies of every shot they give my son every visit so I can have them too and I question every shots before they give them. It's good to stay involve. I know some parents only carry their children to the doctor to get their shot and don't even know what they're getting and some doctors don't bother to explain unless you ask.

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