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What’s your little ones naps like? My 18 month old is having a 2 hour nap at around 11 and going to bed at 7 but she keeps waking up between 4/5am and that’s her up for the day 😩
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We’re on a very similar schedule. She naps 11-1 and then is asleep generally between 7 and half 7. For the last 2 months she’s been waking between 5 and 6. Doesn’t seem to make a difference for us whether we shorten naps or whether we make bedtime later, she still wakes early! Sorry I can’t offer any advice but just to say, I feel your pain!

Its so different every day with my little one. Yesterday she woke at 9am, had a nap around half 2 and didn’t wake till nearly 5 😨 but still went to sleep around 8pm. Other days she can still do a long stretch at night and only have like an hours nap. I think it all depends how active they’ve been in the day though aswell x if your little one is waking up early maybe cut the nap to one hour and see how you go x

@Yaz yesterday she was at nanny’s and went shopping and then her dad took to the seafront and our old town and she walked it all so we was really hoping for a good nights sleep 😩 she’s at nursery today and doesn’t tend to sleep there long at all so we will see what tonight brings 🤞🏼🤞🏼x

I believe early starts mean they are going to bed overtired so bringing it later wouldn't help or shortening a nap. Could be worth trying slightly earlier and see how that goes?

My son has a nap 12-2 or 1-3 usually goes to be between 8 and 9 and wakes up between 7 and 8

My little boy sleeps 7-7, naps are hit and miss, sometimes he can have 1 1/2 hours and other days he has none. We did go through a phase of him waking up at 5 also for what felt like ages but thankfully it was just a phase

Definitely try keeping her awake until 12 and napping until 2pm, then bed again at 7-7:30. This is the ideal time at this age.. well it’s working for us. It’s better they are over tired for a nap than for bedtime as that is potentially why she’s waking early. Keep trying for 12-2 for a few days and see. Make sure she’s full with food before her nap as I’m sure you are aware. :) I’ve delved deep into naps (obsessively so)

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