Do you know what this could be?

Only posting here because I have asked multiple doctors and no one can really tell me what’s going on. This rash started at around 6 months postpartum with my first son. It’s not contagious and it starts as a few small red dots in the center and then turns into a circle and expands. Most days it’s flared up and some days it’s not. I got pregnant with my second son at 11 months postpartum and took a trip to Hawaii at 3 months pregnant and it went away while I was there for four days. This was also when I dropped a feeding and was barely breastfeeding anymore. It didn’t come back my entire pregnancy until around 1 month postpartum with my second son. I’m exclusively breastfeeding again. Not sure if it has to do pregnancy, breastfeeding, or if it’s something else that was just triggered by one of the two, but I never had anything like this before having kids. No it’s not ringworm or anything like that. It doesn’t itch either. It just stings a little but when I rub it or when it gets wet. If anyone has any clue what this could be please lmk. One doctor thought maybe autoimmune disease?
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Have you gone to a dermatologist or have you been referred to a specialist or done blood panels

Does this only happen postpartum?

@Jacinda I got referred to another specialist that I haven’t seen yet and no haven’t had any blood tests

Can it be from carrying your children that your blood vessels are popping

Id guess autoimmune too bc it went away during pregnancy - when immune system is lowered.

Maybe post on reddit

ICU nurse here! Please have them test for markers that diagnose or rule out Lyme disease!

It sort of seems similar to PUPPS I got this after having my Daughter and didn’t know what it was and had to get some antibiotics cream to put on it. It could be that

I have a rare autoimmune/inflammatory disease (it’s called Sarcoidosis), and this does look it could possibly be the same thing. Or it might be something similar. Do you notice any other symptoms when it flares? Swelling, flushing, coughing/respiratory issues, fatigue, aches? Anything like that? Feel free to message me if you want to chat. I would recommend seeing a dermatologist and having them do a biopsy either way.

@Kaylee wow thank you I will definitely look into that. I have random other issues going on but I’ve never connected them to the rash

And yes, I forgot Lyme disease rashes can look similar. With Sarc, you will likely see groups of granulomas (bumps) on other areas. Mine started small snd then slowly branched out all over my body. I had been coughing really bad and definitely never pit the two together until the dermatologist mentioned it. It disappeared completely and comes in goes in different areas.

It’s probably eczema! I have the same and that’s what my dermatologist calls it! I just need to do lots of lotion or you can get medicated lotion to help

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