Water intake

Hi I'm currently 13 weeks pregnant and haven't been drinking much water at all has anyone ever went through this I can't keep it down 🤦🏽‍♀️
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Yes I went through the same thing, didn't consume alot until I was more in the 20 week onwards mark, I just couldn't stomach it, I drank other things instead

I went through this with my first! I couldn’t keep anything at all down, not even water. I ended up having to go to the ER for fluids due to being so sick I was puking up blood (burst a blood vessel in my throat). Turns out I had Hypermesis Gravidarum! They gave me nausea meds and that helped significantly.

Same, the only thing I could drink till 20 weeks was blue Gatorade zero. I also had HG, unfortunately I tried 5 different meds and none worked 😅

Did that affect the growth of the baby or the amniotic fluid only drinking Gatorade

@Beautifulloce no, fluids are fluids.

I could only eat carbs like potatoes rice pasta bread sticks chips bread and crisps for months and months whne pregnant as I just couldn't stomach anything else

Yes! I ended up drinking almond milk smoothies with lots of blueberries and became obsessed with appetiser because it was all I could stomach

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