How do you know if you should keep fighting or call it quits

10 yrs 2kids . Idk if this is a rough path or are we out growing each other. Lately I feel like we just been butting heads . And it seems like we don’t be on the same page relationship wise as in. I don’t feel loved but he feels like he’s trying I also have ppd so is it me ? I’m still working on my communication instead of shutting down
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4yrs 1 kid. He feels as he's trying and I just don't see the growth. I feel as if I'm nagging him all the time or just resentful and silent. Message me if you need to vent ! I feel as though I'm in the same boat 😬

I just messaged you

3 yrs, 1 kid. Find myself asking if I should get out now. Honeymoon phase ended quick for us and got abusive quick. He’s done a lot of work on himself but I’m not sure I’ve done any work on healing from the trauma he put me through. We all just tryna make it by and I have no advice for you but want you to know you’re not alone. Finding myself wishing I could be happy again

Therapy works wonders

I don’t believe in the “we outgrew each other” thing. Of course yall grew. That’s part of marriage and growing up. You don’t stay the same person as you were say at 20. You grow apart because of instances in each of your lives however as you grow and change as a person, so does your partner. Yall will grow at different rates, but it’s how you embrace them and choose to grow back together because you love them. Marriage is hard because each person is constantly changing. But it’s in your hands to CHOOSE if you want to love them despite your differences in this moment. This season of life. Obviously of he’s cheating or abusing you that’s one thing, and you absolutely should leave, but with all that being said, Try therapy. That could work wonders for yall

@Daphne I won’t begin to understand your situation, but if he abused you in the past, no matter how much work he’s does there will always be apart of you who fears who he was/possibly could be again. That fear doesn’t go away. And that’s no way to live. Constantly walking around on eggshells wondering when he’ll crack. Personally I’d leave. Abusers rarely change. Best to be far away from that if he changed again.

I just walked away from my baby’s dad after a 5.5 year relationship. We’d been in circles for the last year and everytime I thought it was better and came back and then went back ri square one. I love him immensely and hope that after we both work on ourselves and focus on our girl (I’ve not been well since we had my daughter and neither has he) then we can work on becoming a family again but lots of work needs to be done before this happens. The situation was toxic for our child and I couldn’t do it for any longer. Do what you need to do for your sanity and for your children ❤️

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