RSV VACCINE yay or nay

Hello my baby had his 4 month well child visit today and pediatrician suggested RSV Vaccine. Any advice or concerns regarding RAV shot? Thanks in advance!
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We got ours when my son was 5 days old. I actually got one while was pregnant but it was too late. I had my baby 4 days later which wasn’t enough time to pass antibodies. I would do it again in a heartbeat. Watching these little angels suffers from it… but it’s just my personal opinion and experience and you should do your own research to make a decision

Mine had hers at 2 months and didn't have any adverse reaction. It's a very personal choice though. I just would not get it along with other vaccines, that way if God forbid something was off, you would know what did it. Also, i do not recommend badging your desicion off research found on any .com pages, as those are usually based off personal opinions and not legit research

There's an app that I use called Vaccines on the Go, which is run by the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. It was recommended to me by a nurse and I really appreciate reading about all the different vaccines before my baby gets them.

Honestly rvs season is about to end I’m shock they r still offering

@Kylee I'll be downloading it. Thank you!

.gov or .edu were the only ones allowed by my school when I was doing research, in addition to peer reviewed scholarly articles. That's not to say that a .com or .org page never post legit research so I don't think you're entirely wrong to go off research found in there Maybe just be cautious that's all

@Lani I hear you. Also, you’d be shocked to know edu and .gov aren’t always reliable either but you are right when you say “you’re own research” my entire degree was based on studying studies and learning to write and review peer articles. It’s better to look at all aspects “who what where when and why” and lateral analysis of articles is key. Vs what’s written at the end of the web link.

Nay! Potential side effects not worth it in my opinion. Listen to your mama intuition. 🩷

@Merita that was my thought specially since it was never brought up during his other appointments when RSV was at its peak. But I’m terrified of my baby getting sick and that is the reason why I consider taking him in a couple weeks to government enough of a gap from his 4 month shots

@Kylee thank you so much will download the app!

@Alicia I personally didn’t do it and we have one more month to get through till rvs season is “ over “

Rsv season is about to end and virtually every kid gets it before 2 yrs old. I had my twins in the height of it, they got it at 6 weeks old. It was sad and scary just being admitted but every doctor told me that the vaccine really wouldn’t have helped. For most it requires some observation but they get over it.

My baby got it at two months and did just find. He’s healthy chunky and safe

My daughter got her RSV vaccine in 2nd visit and got RSV when she was 20days , in my opinion her condition never deteriorated as she got her vaccine. She was at home all time and recovered well.

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