Your partner comes home from work

and plays with your guy’s child and there’s a mess created. The night is at and end and it’s time for bed. Your partner steps right over the toys and books and doesn’t bother to pick them up. What do you do?
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I would Pick the mess up cuz while he’s entertaining the baby I can relax I get since partners been at work they are tired to but I would mention it like hey can we pick the mess up together so we can both get to bed or can you straighten the toys up before you go lay down shower etc.

@Quana I forgot to mention that’s a toddler they’re playing with and I’m holding and taking care of our newborn so it’s hard for me to pick things up

tell him to pick them up.

Oh baby no that toddler can help pick them toys up I been singing the clean up song to my 2yr now he thinks it’s a game putting his toys back in the bucket you definitely need to rest hun

I would just ask him to clean it up or I would do it with him. When my husband comes home from work he plays with baby while I cook dinner. I always do the bedtime routine (he hangs/helps out) so he usually cleans the kitchen after baby goes down.

I'll put on my loud teacher style voice and say: "Ok before we go to bed we have to pick up all these toys and put them away so that when we wake up it's nice and tidy to play again. Jack, you pick up all the blue toys and daddy will pick up the rest. Who's going to get all the toys in the basket first" Or something like that. Make him clean up and teach toddler to clean up too

Turn around and tell hubby and the toddler to pick it up. Mine does it w no complaints if I tell him to do anything.

Remind him that he and our son have a mess to clean up before either of them go to bed.

Thank you ladies for your input and tips! I’ll use these next opportunity

Put newborn down, get toddler to help pick up but also mention to husband that it would be nice if he cleaned it up aswell as he made the mess and u have enough to do

I pick it up my fiancé works so I can stay home with my kids and I stay home so he can work and go to school. I want him to come home play with our babies and relax (we have 2 toddlers and a new born

I would hand him the baby & have the toddler help me pick up the toys.

My husband doesn’t get to play with the kids when he’s home from work in the evenings, because they’re asleep. But on the weekends, he does help out. And gets our toddler to help clean the toys up.

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