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I’m currently trying to sleep train my 6 almost 7 month old baby and I need tips and tricks! We’ve bed shared since a week old and I am now trying to transition her to her own crib. Please send tips my way!!
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Ok so…everyone has super strong opinions about sleep training (or not sleep training) which is super intimidating tbh, but this is what I did, and what worked really well for us. I coslept with my babe from a couple days old to 5 months when she was waking up every time I shifted in bed and struggling to go back to sleep after feeding. We did spaced soothing as a sleep training method. In my mind the way I approached it was showing her that her crib, and by extension her room, are places she can relax and feel safe, and know that we are always close by when she needs anything. We had one really hard/long night for us all, the next night only hard in the beginning, and by the third she slept until 3am, had a feed and went straight back to sleep, comfortably and happily with her wheat bag soft toy. I have a full document with heaps of info on a few different sleep training methods that a friend shared from a SC if you would like it let me know or pm me and I will email it to you

She is now just over a year old and loves her bed so much, still loves her wheat boy suga, and sleeps really good (mostly lol). I was really scared to sleep train tbh, but she took to it so well and the difference to all of our sleeps and by extension…our moods…was massive

hey mama! I'm a sleep consultant! If you’re looking for some support as you naviagate this let me know! But some good tips would be to ensure you have a solid bedtime routine in place before proceeding, and to pick a method you can be consistent with and that feels right for your family.

@Casey hi could u email me please I’d love some tips xx

@Casey can you send me to me too please xxxx

@Casey please could you send me a copy too xx

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