postpartum hair loss

i’m experiencing really bad postpartum hair loss and my hairline is literally receding and I have like no edges left and it just keeps getting worse and worse after every time I comb out my hair just clumps of hair falling out. I’ve been taking so many vitamins with it no luck, I’m getting married in a few months as well. (just a court wedding) I can’t afford to get a wig installed and I have no idea how to do it myself. I’m normally used to wearing my hair natural. HELP!!
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Maybe kaleidoscope it’s sold at target. I’m not sure how fast it works but for sure it works.

Going through the same!! I literally had to stop blow drying my hair bc so much was falling out :/

Which vitamins are you taking? I just cintinue taking my prenatals and that helps. Maybe some Jamaican black castor oil for the edges.

What vitamins? Are they actual hair vitamins? I take a multi, hair skin nails and another hair vitamin, I take 4 vitamin pills every night. My hair loss only lasted 2m Also bone broth weekly.

As for the wedding you can do styles that will give you more lift, more volume. Like one of those hair volumiser things that go on top of your head, or you can do a sleek bun using a large hair donut (you can fill in the receding temples w a hair mascara)

Collagen and hair skin nails from wellness store

If your insurance covers going to a trichologist do it. Doctors are the best help trust me. We think hairfall is not a big deal but it is. And if your insurance doesn’t cover it and you can’t afford it then get yourself an online doctor from your native country if you are not American. Like I am an Indian and watever medical related stuff that I can’t afford in US i get it done from India and its so cheap there. And then you can get the products delivered even that would be cheaper than getting it done here.

I watched YouTube videos on how to install wigs!

Get your iron and thyroid checked! These for me have been magic though. Mine is completely growing in and stopped shedding

thank you all!! yes i’m taking alot of vitamins. probably too much tbh, i take both postnatal and prenatals daily. daily collagen gummies and biotin, as well as hair growth supplements called viviscal. i use hair growth oils as well. at my last appointment my iron and vitamin level were great! it’s only been a few weeks so maybe i just need to be patient and it will start regulating???

if not i’ll definitely try that trichologist

the youtube video thing is a great idea lol i’m just lazy i guess, i’ve been saying that i need to learn and it never happens 😂

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