Still no luck with induction

Been in now for 48 hours waiting for my waters to be broken and still no luck with getting onto labour ward I’m exhausted, can’t sleep in hospitals and so crazily emotional. I just want to go home 😢😢😢😢
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Inductions can take time to jump start labour. Is there a reason they are keeping you at hospital and not letting you go home? Speak to the nurse about it and explore your options. You need to sleep and be rested and calm for when labour starts. Wishing you well!

You poor thing, I'm sorry I don't have much to offer as I've not been through this but I really feel for you ❤️ Really hope things start moving soon...🙏 Might be worth trying to find podcasts you can listen to, that can be very calming to distract you... xx

Yes exactly - sleep really is so so important! Mentally and emotionally, as well physically x

@Chantal honestly no idea, I’ve asked several times about going home and them just calling me when there is a bed as the reason they brought me in for an induction was for severe anxiety and this is helping things in any way 😢 I managed about 3 hours sleep on my first night and maybe 4 and a half last night 😩

@Katrina thankyou ❤️ might look for some podcasts today to try help switch off for a bit. The tiredness is extreme! They’re not exactly quiet in these wards either, it’s like they forget we are all waiting to give birth xx

Ask them something for ur anxiety

Definitely push to go home if they still don’t have space. They will always prioritise those in active labour so you could be waiting days still. If it’s making you anxious and affecting your sleep, it may severely impact your bodies hormone production (oxytocin etc) which will only make labour harder for you. You’re better off being at home where you’re more comfortable so you can get some rest 🩷

I went in Wednesday 7th Feb to start induction- Thursday morning I was waiting for a bed on labour- they called me down at 6am Sunday morning!🤯 he was born not long after though! The days were soooo long but trust me, it’s worth the wait! Xx

@Lorren this is what I’m worried about, there’s a midwife I know who’s back on shift today so I’m going to talk to her and let her know how its effecting me, I don’t know how it’s possible to give birth while I’m this exhausted xxx

@Jordan that is a long process, I am hoping when they’ve broken my waters she’s will be out quick but the whole not knowing is to much for me. I’m going to try my best to nap during the day today but I can’t normally do it xx

Once they broke my waters the contractions came quick and fast! I went from 4cm to 10cm in 2 minutes😂😂 best of luck to you! You’ll smash it xx

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