Baby was heads down low last week now feels like it's gone up again

Sleep keeps breaking because baby feels like it's pushing back up again. Baby was heads down in last scan now I can feel him pushing against my ribs and feels so uncomfortable I can't sleep.
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How far along are you? Because I’m 36 + 4 and having the same. She feels low because I have A LOT of pressure down there and every time I go to the midwife I get told she’s nice and low, but I still feel here really high in my ribs. I know she doesn’t have much room in there but I just imagined I wouldn’t feel her in both places 😂

I’ve had multiple scans and baby is head down but I still feel pressure in my ribs and kicks, which is just baby’s feet!

@Chloe I'm 36 wks on Thursday, I know it's scary sometimes I think is my baby too big, how can he be low and then feel him up my ribs, how will I push him out 🤣

@Shyla-Karris same, am guessing the baby is tall for both us hence why they take up so much room

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