Been in now for 48 hours waiting for my waters to be broken and still no luck with getting onto labour ward I’m exhausted, can’t sleep in hospitals and so crazily emotional. I just want to go home 😢😢😢😢
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Oh bless you! My induction got started at 1am last night. Have you had any pains? Im so scared on how long this process is going to take x

Good luck and hope it all goes well for you, I was in for 5 days with 3 days in labour 1 day for my emergency c-section and 1 day for recovery. It can be a long process just try keep occupied with books, word search, anything!

You got this! Just think- regardless how much longer it’s going to take, your little one is going to be with you very soon ❤️ good luck xx

Sending love and hope it goes well, you've got this.

Youve got this sweet! It’s so tough I was in the same boat and ended up going home and requesting a C-section as I couldn’t hack it xx

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