Baby can’t finish the night on back - cries

My LG used to sleep fine in her crib unless she has gas issues - now it’s been few days when she cries in pain at the end of the night and I have to put her on my belly for her to sleep between 6-7am… if I put her back in her crib she would cry again while she is clearly very sleepy. Could it be reflux? Thanks.
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I have this exact same problem!! From 5.30 he is squirming in so much discomfort from gas so he sleeps on my chest. He can sleep then til 8/9am so I know he’s still tired! Is it just something they will grow out of ??! When their digestive system matures? Is it because the gas builds up over night?

My daughter is the exact same so any advise would be great!

My baby is also the same!! It’s so frustrating

Same here

Same! He's just had his 8 week check and the Dr prescribed gaviscon for his reflux but didn't really care about the straining/gas

Same here🤦🏻‍♀️

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