My baby is miserable! Help

I feel like i ruined my babies sleep schedule.i wass told by meany to not worry about a sleep schedule and wake windows because she only a month and they don’t work so i just let her sleep when she wants and wake when she wants (she’s past her birth weight so i let her sleep according to the doc) BUTTTTshe now sleeps all day literally and once the sun gose down she up and non stop crying for food like literally every hour im a first time mom ill take any advice ☹️
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She’s probably going through a growth spurt (eating every hour, so feed her) Babies are creatures of habit and I’ve learned, babies have to do one thing THREE times to become a habit. Try soothing her at night by making her tired with belly time, leg kicks, singing, music, etc. give her a warm sponge bath (will make her cry) then when you’re seeing the cues, put on white noise, swaddle, feed, and soothing her to sleep.

@Azu ok taking note will do!

Patience, love, and kindness. She’ll feed of your energy. I sing to my baby and it helps. But white noise (almost uncomfortably loud will knock him out!) 🤍 you got this.

Dream feeds during the day and more awake time. Change her diaper and clothes and she will wake up

@Julia I needed to here that i can’t shake the feeling I’m not doing enough yano Its also late and im delirious

@Nicole oh she will wake up but fall right back asleep when she relies what’s going on lol

@Julia YESSSS OMG during the day you can move her from the bassinet to the crib. She will sleep through anything even loud music at night I sneeze, and she’s up!

There’s a group called the sleep deprived - highly recommend it!

I’ve heard getting them out into sunlight during the day can help them start to differentiate nights from days as well a little better at least. I feel for you!

When my baby is sleeping on me during the day, I make sure to have lights on, curtains open and am usually watching something on my computer. I will also baby wear him around the house. Mainly I make sure it’s noisy during the day and as the day winds down so do we. I’ve found the trick of walking around with baby for 8 minutes and then rocking for 5 helps to settle him too. But if your baby is sleeping that much and eating that often, I agree it’s probably a growth spurt. I also try to do floor time if I notice any wake windows. He’s 7 weeks old now and we get about 3 longer naps in the morning/afternoon and some cat naps after nursing later in the day. He is much more restful during the night because we’ve been working on establishing his circadian rhythm using all those tips I mentioned. Also, you can’t ruin your baby, every day is new to them so it’s never too late to make little changes to help them. 💕Hang in there!!

@Alyssa thank you!

I had a lot of people tell me a schedule doesn’t matter that young but after having the baby I find no matter the age a schedule really does help. It also helps them tell the difference from night and day which will really help you. Typically, we wake up and do a feed, change diaper, get dressed and then I lay her down on a blanket. She’s normally wide awake at this time. I make sure lights are on and windows are open. I then turn on something noisy. For me it’s the tv. Not for her to watch but just some back ground noise. I think doing this every morning allowed her to learn that we’re waking up and what part of the day it is. She typically will stay awake for an hour and then get fussy. I’ll feed her to sleep and she’ll sleep a while. If she doesn’t wake up, I wake her up between 3-4 hours to feed. (Mine is 2 months, if younger wake up 2-3 hours) then again leave her up for an hour and repeat. All until bed time and then we have our bed time routine. Lights off, change, feed, bed

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