Regression/standing up in the cot

Since my little girl learnt how to pull to stand, she has been sleeping badly in the night! Anyone else going through this? If so how long will it last😂🆘
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Mine is the same 😴😭 he's been waking every hour crying and then standing up and bouncing. He wakes for the day 330am yesterday and 530am this morn. Soo tired 😴 he used to sleep solidly between 8pm to 10 have a feed then 1030 and 630.

@Mary my little girl was waking hourly, then last night slept 7-1am and then would not settle 😭 how long has it been happening with you? We are going into week 2😭

My little one isn’t standing (she would if she was able!) but now she has learnt to roll properly from back to front and back again and starting to move on all fours- mainly backwards.. she moves all over the cot, at one point she was squashed right at the bottom of the cot on all fours trying to go backwards with no where to go! Crying out- but still sort of asleep. She wakes up crying so many times too!x

@Leanne it's hard isn't it 😩. We're also on end of week 2. He's had a cold on and off for 3wks which also isn't helping

Every morning from 4am we’re having a party 😭😭😭

She learned to crawl at Christmas, then standing swiftly followed, so we’ve had terrible sleep since then 😭 but last night and Saturday night she slept much better so I’m hoping we’re coming to the end of it finally

My little one started standing in her cot in the middle of December and it's only this last week that she started sleeping properly again. The issue was that I would rush in because I didn't want her to be standing up and fall so I would then rock her to sleep because if I put her back in awake she would stand up again. But she then became dependent on us rocking/feeding her to sleep. So my advise would be if she is able to get down again leave her to explore and once she's bored of it she will settle herself again, and just keep an eye on her on a camera.

My boy went through this, he's starting to settle now. He learned to crawl and within days was pulling to stand and it rocked him massively. He couldn't settle himself at all which he has been doing from very small, and couldn't seem to get comfortable. Now we've adjusted wake windows and nap times and that seems to have helped. He's got more time to practice while he's awake and he is ready to sleep at nap time xx

Yep going through this right now! 1am last night, standing up… wouldn’t settle at all ended up bringing her into bed with us which was the worst idea as she kept us awake fidgeting until 5.30am when I gave up trying to sleep 😂

Yep, my little girl been like this for a month or so >_< problem was we were just getting somewhere with self settling to sleep, then she figured she could roll and get on all fours, and then a week later she realised she could stand. So it’s been all at once! We have to hold to sleep and put her down, I’ve tried letting her cry it out but it got to over an hour and she would not lie down and we were both just so upset I figured it wasn’t worth it >_< she’s also had 3 teeth pop through in the middle of this, so sleep is just rubbish! Feeling all your pain and hoping to come out the other side soon x

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