Uncomfortable in bed

So I’m in the early stages of pregnancy (7 weeks) & I just can’t get comfortable in bed. I’m not sleeping well as I’m constantly tossing and turning. I usually sleep on my back but I’ve read this can cause stillbirths? Any tips or ideas are welcome cos I am exhausted!
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Can you put a pillow on one side of your back, that way your not completely flat on your back but might be more comfy for you to sleep?

Have you tried a pregnancy pillow?, I also take a hot water bottle to bed with me I’m sure you can sleep on your back up until a certain point think when you get bigger but not sure xx

Your ok to sleep on your back sweet. They usually recommend side sleeping when you’re much bigger after 28 weeks. Due to the increased weight X

the nhs guidelines are that you shouldn’t sleep on your back from 28 weeks, I stopped at around 16/20 weeks just so i could get myself used to it, maybe a pregnancy pillow will make you feel more comfortable?

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