Stitches removal

Hi everyone I’m 6 days postpartum I had my baby on Thursday and I have 8 stitches needing to be removed I’m absolutely bricking it. Does it hurt?? Am I numbed??? I’ve never had stitches before I’m so scared lol I still have my pico thing attached and still bandaged up with no tampering.
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I had a couple of undissolved external stitches removed and couldn’t really feel it

I had my Pico removed and then the beading and I wasn't painful at all, all I felt was the area feeling secure under a dressing to feeling a little more loose. Kind of like untying a shoe lace it's tight to put your foot in with laces tied but undoing the laces is more comfortable. Be careful though after a couple of days of my peco being taken off I split open 9cm and still open now and I'm 12w pp tomorrow so take it easy x

Omg thankyou 🤍

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