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I need help & advice. I am currently 20 years old and 9 months pregnant. I found out at about 4 1/2 months and my sons father completely switched up on me. He asked me to abort the baby. My baby was already a full fetus and halfway formed , I thought about it and I couldn’t live with having an abortion that far. He completely ghosted me for the rest of my pregnancy , got with a new woman who I’m sure doesn’t know and didn’t tell his family. Should I make his family aware that they have a grandson coming in three weeks or is that bitter? I have really been trying to grow closer to God & do all things the right way without being bitter but am I being too nice? He’s now on vacation with his new girlfriend & I’m heartbroken as well. I don’t want to be with him ( I want to make that clear ) but I’m heartbroken because he’s living his best life & I am completely going through this alone. PS . I cut him off because I knew he had a daughter but I found out about two other kids. His other baby’s mothers were two best friends that kept his baby out of spite and was both pregnant by him about two months apart. Just embarrassing 😞.
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Are his parents involved in the lives of his other children? If they are they’re likely to want to be involved in this ones (and you’d want them involved) then tell them. If not and you’d rather have a clean break from him and everything related to him then don’t tell them.

I would let his new gf know but nobody else. Message her on social media like “ hope you’re having fun just so ya know he has 4 kids with a bunch of women who he asked them to abort at the last minute pretty much including me, & then ghosts them, so hope you know what you’re getting into & are prepared for. Bye

Honestly, I would tell his family. Not to be petty or anything, but because they’re the baby’s family. However, if you don’t particularly like his family or if they suck eggs, then don’t tell them

I would tell them only if I want them involved in the baby’s life I don’t think it’s bitter, they are family too and should know if you want them too

@Marie I absolutely do not agree with this. This sounds so much like a bitter ex. Also, "who he asked THEM to abort at the last minute" - how are you certain the same scenario happened with others? Sounds incredibly childish to me

I think at the end of the day it's up to you if you want his family involved or him involved. If you tell them, they'll tell him, and you'll have to deal with him. I personally wouldn't bother. Don't contact him, don't contact his family, and absolutely do NOT contact his girlfriend. Wash your hands and be done

Tell them hun yeah oh and deffo go for csa! Xxx

Personally I’d take the high road let him live his best life karma catches everyone your time will come once your hold your baby nothing else will matters there will be amazing days and difficult days but that’s the journey! However families and exes can be spiteful so document everything keep all conversations just in case you need it there are lots of assistance you can apply for APPLY ASAP! Cover yourself and stay ready so you won’t have to get ready! And live your life being a mom is a beautiful life changing roller coaster of a journey and you’ll love every second of it even when it gets tuff your not alone because you have all of us here some can relate some can’t but we call all sympathize and most of us were young first time moms😊we’re strong you got this just one day at a time

If I met a guy who had 3 kids with 3 different baby mamas… I’d run and think many women would do the same. He may be living his best life now but not forever. You said you’ve been trying to grow closer to God. Pray for guidance on this matter and ask God for a clear sign of what to do. It also really depends on how well you know his family. If you’re close to them I would tell them but if not it could make you look like a desperate ex while he’s off having fun.

Personally I would tell his family. They might want to be fully involved in their grand child’s life. If not then that’s on them but at least they can’t say you didn’t tell them xx

I would say let them know just because he doesn't want to be there doesn't mean his family doesn't and your child deserve to know his other side and put his bum ass on child support I hate guys I swear well the ones that are trash 🗑

i mean if you’ve met the family or at least know a little about them then i guess it depends. are they involved in the other kids lives? are they spiteful/bitter to the baby mamas or are they harder on your ex? personally i wouldn’t want my little to grow up without his other side of the family, but if its too toxic then definitely not. either way if you put your ex’s name on the birth certificate and go for child support, then your ex will still in someway be involved in your lives and by extension his family will be too.

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