Weaning & pancakes

Is anyone that’s weaning their baby giving them pancakes this year ? My baby is 6 months but only just started first taste in the last two weeks
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I used to give my older son pancakes. We made them thick and cut them into strips.

We do pancakes. I make smaller ones and cut them into strips for him

Strips of fluffy American style pancakes work well as finger food.

Pancakes was one of the first things i made my baby at 6m i mushed a banana into them xx

As long as you've allergy checked then with the ingredients (wheat, egg etc.)

I made some pancakes for my baby with two Farley rusks, 1 egg, formula and Ella’s kitchen fruit pouch, mixed and fried for 5 second each side.. she loved them x

Yup! Baby can have whatever you’re having as soon as they start weaning, just make sure it’s cut appropriately as per solid starts, mind the sugar/salt content and no honey before 1 xx

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