Feeding messed up!

My baby went from 120ml/4oz every 3/4 hours to 150ml/5oz every 3/4 hours and now she’s waking up hungry and only taking 60ml- 90ml of her bottle and throwing some up aswell. Why is she bouncing backwards on her feeds? shes just went 6 hours without a feed but woke up and only drank about 50ml.
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I could have written this! We had a little phase of this and it seems it was because she was totally full of wind, and the infacol does seem to have helped

Have you tried changing the teat size?

Was just going to say the same as Sophie, we’ve just gone up to size 2 and my 9 week old girl has started guzzling 6oz bottles 🤦🏼‍♀️

I’m having pretty much this exact problem!! I posted about it a few days ago but didn’t get any response so have really been stressing. My baby is 9 weeks and this has gone on about a week now. He’s just dropped a feed as was having 120 consistently each feed and then suddenly now I can barely get him to have anything so am trying to feed him more frequently but still really struggling to get him to have a decent amount by the end of the day. He seems hungry but then just doesn’t want it!

@Kate was this an instant change? Have tried two feeds today with the next size teat and it’s made no difference. Wondering if I need to give it longer or if it would have made a difference straight away.

@Alana yeah I’d say over the course of the day, and it resulted in her sleeping a lot longer last night! She still falling asleep towards the end of the bottle but I always burp her and it wakes her up a bit to have some more. I guess she’s just drinking it a lot quicker because of the flow. Still early days though. I think sometimes babies just have off days, especially if they’re having growth spurts/ leaps etc

@Kate going to have to abandon I’m afraid as had the most horrific evening with his colic. Going to have to stick to the anti colic teats and just hope he picks the amount back up. It’s been a week now that he’s been down on the amounts. Health visitor said not to worry as long as he’s having lots of wet nappies and seems fine in himself but it just doesn’t seem right to me.

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