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We’ve only been bed sharing since the four month regression where I just physically couldn’t get up anymore- it was unsafe picking up baby to feed/comfort him. So I did a bunch of research and follow the safe sleep seven and ebf and started bed sharing for most of the night after baby wakes up around 11/12. But my husband told the pediatrician that we bed share at the 6 month checkup and the dr got mad at me for bed sharing - and basically filled my head with scary thoughts of SIDS and suffocation. So now, I’m trying really hard to stop bed sharing. I mean, we always start the night out time himself in his crib just to see how long he lasts but he usually wakes up 5-20 minutes after I put him down so I bring him into the bed. Tonight, i did an extended rocking session and I put baby back in his crib and he’s still asleep after an hour! (So progress, yay) however, he keeps rolling over and it’s freaking me out. I have gently rolled him back onto his back three times now - there is no way I’m going to be able to sleep. How is this better than just letting him sleep next to me, on his back? Help!
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If he can roll over by himself, he’s fine! You can leave him that way. (That’s what I’ve been told anyway) My baby sleeps on his belly and it’s been really scary but he sleeping so much better. Also I coslept from the day he was born until this week (he’s 5.5 months old) and I think if you follow the safe 7, it is very safe. The only reason I stopped is because he was waking up every hour. We would still be cosleeping if he was sleeping. Many other cultures bedshare I hate there’s so much scary stuff around it

Thank you @Tasha -It’s so vilified here. I felt anxious about doing it at the beginning but then once we started everyone got much better sleep. Baby will stay on his back in bed with me so the rolling over really freaked me out last night.

Ugh, it’s so hard. I’m sorry you’re experiencing this! Bed sharing does feel so natural but unfortunately it is less safe than baby being alone in a sleep space. It sounds like you’re making progress, just hang in there! My daughter is a belly sleeper now too and it was stressful at first but it’s safe as long as they get themselves in that position on their own! I did start puttting the owlet on her to ease my anxiety though 🥰

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