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Baby is 17 days old and been perfect no issues at all and we can now tell a slight difference in cry’s we’re not amazing but trying. For the last two nights she’s woken up at 4am for her usual feed and change, but now it’s like she’s suddenly got trapped wind and then falls asleep at 7am. This does not happen during the day and until two nights ago she slept 12am- 4am (nappy and feed) 5am- 7am (nappy and feed awake till 10am and then slept 10am-4pm. And then awake 4pm-9pm, sleep 9pm-11pm and then awake 1 hr before the cycle starts again. With this being the second night of awake from 4am till 7am with what seems to be trapped wind but then going to sleep happily at 7am. My partner has just returned to work after his leave and he does the 4am shift but now I’m struggling with the no sleep and trying to get everything done during the day. Any help would be appreciated thank you!
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My little boy is quite windy, I’ve been using infacol which has been helping. I do night feeds during the week, it’s just easier for us as I sleep at the side of the next to me so he wakes me up anyway 🙈 I feel my boy settles better with me during the night anyway so he’s pretty much straight back to sleep after his feeds. My partner just takes over once he gets home from work and at weekends. I just wait for my lie ins at the weekend 😂

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