Really worried my baby won't be getting anything from me in terms of goodness/nutrients as I'm being sick after every meal. I'm on my 2nd lot of tablets from the docs and they're still not touching it :(
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How many weeks are you x

i am the same, i am sofa bound, can barely move to even go wee and my head hurts from dehydration, msg me if you want some support x

I was suffering really bad but I’ve found dry wheat crackers have really helped me. I eat a couple with some water before I even get out of bed. It may be worth a try x

Unless you’ve got HG and are losing weight (in which case you should go hospital and get a drip) the baby will be fine - try smoothies with lots of good stuff like dark leafs and berries, vitamins, electrolyte sachets etc if you’re worried

I’ve heard that the baby will take nutrients directly from your body that are stored, they are very effective at getting what they need from us like little parasites! (Meant in a nice way 😉) so try not to worry. I’m sure you’ll be able to replenish yourself when your sickness eases, which I hope happens soon 💗

The baby will be fine, I had really bad sickness with my daughter. I lost weight but she was perfectly fine and took everything she needed. So sorry for the sickness, I know how horrible it is.

@Lauren - 8 weeks x

@Lauren - 8 weeks x

Pretty sure the placenta isn’t established yet this early on so it shouldn’t cause any issues at the moment? I may be wrong x

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