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Hi, just wondering if anyone knows the answer to the below questions regarding UC 1) When do you have to let them know about your pregnancy/baby 2) How long after having a baby will it be a requirement to job search? I left work in September last year to get back into education, but I have since left education as I was struggling due to my pregnancy. I'm not in a position to start working again and I highly doubt someone would employ me due to me being pregnant anyway. If anyone has any idea, please do let me know. Thanks x
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Need to inform them once you reach 20 weeks, they’ll ask for your MATB1 form which your midwife will give you You might be asked to attend UC interviews after your child turns 1 but you won’t have to prepare or return to work if you don’t want to When they’re 2 you’ll probably be asked to attend UC interviews and prepare to go back to work Once they’re 3 you’ll be asked to actively look for work for up to 30 hours a week and will be expected to attend UC interviews in preparation for work and to look for work, up to 30 hours looking or working will be the expectation all the way up until they’re 12 Once 13 it will switch to up to 35 hours a week looking for work or working

Thank you for this information. If I'm not seeing my midwife until I'm 24 weeks, how can I get the Matb1 form?

I didn’t see my midwife until around 24 weeks either but I told UC at 20 weeks and also left a note on my journal when my next midwife appointment was so when they did a document upload link it was just left on there for me to use whenever I got the form. They told me it was fine to upload as soon as I got it just to keep them informed if my appointment changed

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