Puffy hands and feet

Normal at 37 weeks? Or something to be concerned about? I feel fine otherwise, baby kicking away as normal!
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I have the same and I’m 33 weeks. Strange feeling isn’t it? Can’t bend my fingers properly. I’m seeing my midwife today and will see what she says and let you know too

I've had the same for weeks. I've been told it's water retention and completely normally. I ended up with carpal tunnel and tendonitis because of it. Can't bend my fingers, tingling pain, numbness etc. Only thing I've found that gives slight relief is putting my hands under hot running water for a little bit. But that relief doesn't last long. What I would say is if you get sudden swelling only on one side, then you should get that checked out in case of a clot or anything serious.

If it’s been coming on gradually it’s usually nothing serious but if it’s come on out of no where today then speak to your midwife/triage team as it can also be a sign of pre-eclampsia so always worth getting checked out just to be sure!

Comes and goes! Noticed it this morning but then it’s settled down again, then at the end of the day - but I expected that a bit more with being on my feet most of the day. Ill keep an eye on it Checked my BP this morning which was normal 😊

Then that sounds like normal pregnancy swelling especially if it’s worse later in the day when you have been on your feet a lot! Just keep doing what you’re doing and monitoring your blood pressure when you can. Obviously if it gets worse or you have any of the other symptoms then get checked out straight away!

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