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Is your baby crawling or did they skip and go to walking ?
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Mine started crawling last month on the 29th. He is now trying to walk, he coasts on everything and now he is letting go and balancing

My little one just started to army crawl

Mine is army crawling! I’ve heard of many children that when they learned how to walk before they could crawl (my uncle was one of them), physical therapists had them learn to crawl. Crawling helps with hand and eye coordination and LOs are less likely to have dyslexia.

My little started crawling on the day of 6 months, and now she is pulling herself up every chance she gets. Not very steady on her feet just yet, and I am not looking forward to the walking stage. She can crawl for a bit longer for sure 😂

He's rocking on his hands and knees..... And brings himself forward with his elbows 😊

Mine isn’t doing anything yet 😂

Love to hear variety of answers. Each baby is different but in a few , all will be running around regardless how long it took them to crawl 😂

My son isn’t crawling yet

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