Anyone’s friends just NOT understanding mom life?

I love my friends but feel like sometimes they don’t understand my life is different now. Yes, I CAN leave my house but doesn’t mean I want to go out and shop all day or gossip. Sometimes I just want to relax! Or see my husband and spend time with him and my daughter. It’s not about dragging me out of the house to “get away”. I just feel like my friends can be so demanding with my time. I see them every other week and I just can’t do much more than that. i stay at home with my daughter and work at home. Anyone else feel the same 😭
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Anyone who doesn’t have kids will ever really understand mom life. It’s sad but we’re in a different season than them, they’ll eventually understand

Yesssss!!! Even those with kids don’t be understanding. Also have a friend who has a singleton 3 months younger than my twins and everytime I tell her something it’s like she has a story as well and I’m not saying we can’t relate but we literally can’t while she’s dealing with 1 I’m dealing with 2 and it’s like okay can I just vent without you telling me your going through the same when your literally not. Again I get she’s dealing with a little one as well but it’s still completely different and she always comparing it’s so annoying I’ve started to drift away from her

Shoot you see them more than I do😅 my friends plan things last minute and hour before. As a mom of 2 I can’t just pick up and go because I have to pick up dress up drop off and go and that’s if I have a sitter planned already but an hour heads up ? I need the morning of at the latest for a heads up but preferably a week in advance 😂

I stopped venting about frustrations because the answers they try to give aren’t good whatsoever and when I vent I’m normally just trying to vent. Not find answers I can do that with my therapist or my Tia who also has kids

I don't really have friends without children for this reason. It's just not a relatable thing. And it's a huge thing to be unrelatable.

Yea we are the only couple/ friends with kids my partner made a friend from work who has kids about the same age as ours which was a god send because now we have someone the kids can play with and someone who understands our struggles or life

Oh wow!! I don’t even see my friends that much, they should be grateful for that’s Hahahah once a week is amazing. Mom life is hard enough, don’t put stress on yourself to do friendships if they can’t understand your family comes first. I’ve lot quite a few friends cause they want to go out, party, shop, etc and I am just not in that season of life anymore lol

Seems like yall are young. Until they have kids of their own and start settling down, it probably won't change. I'd work on getting mom friends or just older friends in general. If u are younger, you'll probably end up slowly not being friends with most if them just bc of ppls life changes.

I got into a bunch of arguments about this. I think it’s selfish to not understand and those are the people I look at sideways bc it lets me know they don’t really care about my baby

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