Baby cough

My poor bub has a very persistent cough. She’s still taking her bottle, having wet and dirty nappies, but it’s hard for her to sleep. Does anyone know if calpol will help this at all? Or have any suggestions?
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Calcough is good stuff

@Grace (cant see waves) from what I’ve read online it’s not for babies under one year.

Have u tried taking her to be seen ? I took my son to the er for his cough sounding like this which luckily it was nothing bad they called it the coupe I think anyways it’s just a upper respiratory virus but they gave him steroids to help. He was also still drinking his bottle eating having wet nappies and dirty nappies and everything but the steroids helped tremendously

Take her to the GP. Quite often Calpol won’t really do much for coughs and cough medicines aren’t suitable for young babies. She may need antibiotics or at least get a diagnosis. Hope she feels better soon and you can all get some rest.

How old is baby? I have a 5 month old and almost 4 year old. I have found Calpol does help both when they have a cough. It wouldn’t hurt to get them checked at the GP though, I would if they are small, just for peace of mind x

My lg has a bad cough we had to take her to docs at the weekend as it sounded awful turns out to be bronchiolitis, so maybe get her checked just in case x

My little one got bronchitis at 6m the Dr's gave her an inhaler that helped.

My little girl has the same cough right now, I took her to the doctors and they told me it was a “viral” infection and if the cough stays for a week to take her back.

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