At my wits end

Why is my 6m babies sleep getting worse and not better? 😭
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I feel for you! It’s the same for us 😭 I can’t get over how complacent we were at the beginning to think the sleep regression wouldn’t affect us as our baby used to sleep through! She hit the 4m regression slightly late and I’m pretty sure she’s in the 6m regression now, sleep is horrendous! 😩 literally running on fumes. It’s been nearly 2 months and just when it feels like things are getting better, we’re back to crap sleep again. I’m contemplating bringing her cot into our room and putting her in there (currently using the next to me still). I doubt it’ll make any difference but whilst we’re going through a crap sleep phase, we may aswell just go for it as that’ll be the next challenge anyways! I just want some sleep 😭

@Tracy it’s so hard isn’t it 😭 my little ones never been a good sleeper but I’d do anything again for the newborn days as the stretch’s of sleep then was much longer! Describe your sleep? 😩

We are going through it too 😓 he won’t even stay in his cot, which is in our room! He has to be held/have contact, so that means if I do take him in with us, I’m not sleeping at all because I’m so worried, even though we follow safe sleep 7. Definitely worse than newborn days 😣

Started after Christmas randomly one night. Followed same evening routine as we always have done, put her in her crib after her last feed and within 10 mins she was awake. Constant false starts for 1-2 hours. She would eventually settle and sleep until 5 but would then be wide awake ready to start the day. Then it progressed from that to refusing to stay in her crib at all! Or the times when she did remain in there, she’d wake every 20-40 mins and would need constant resettling back to sleep. This would go on ALL NIGHT! We tried co sleeping for a week but I didn’t sleep at all as I was so scared of something happening due to how exhausted I was, even though we followed safe sleep guidelines. I managed to put her into her crib for the first time at half 6 this morning! She then slept until half 8 after having slept on our bed all night whilst I stayed awake. So tired 😪 I completely agree- the newborn days were way easier!! Hope you manage to get some sleep soon!

@Clodagh oh I’m so sorry to hear that! It’s horrible isn’t it 😩 I’m so grumpy and lack of energy every day makes me feel bad but I just need sleep! I have a constant headache every day!

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