Scared of sex

I am a solo mom by choice almost 8 weeks preggers and I am struggling and scared of having sex because “I don’t want to hurt baby”. I know it’s silly but can someone tell me it’s going to be okay. I feel bad for my guy because he really wants me but I can’t go through with it. Also he is not the bio dad but cares for both of us.
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Sex isn't going to harm the baby

Unless your doctor put you on pelvic rest it’s fine

Funny enough at the end you’re using sex to get the baby out! Unless doctor warns against it, the baby is protected enough for sex

Thanks ladies.

I’ve been fearful of it too. More about doing something to cause a miss carriage. I really just want to get to the end of the first trimester to feel better about it. My husband has felt the same way and hasn’t tried to initiate anything cause we both have had the same feelings. At this point we’re on the same page, so we’re just going to wait it out. I KNOW it’s safe. But I just don’t want to risk it.

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