Gestational Diabetes Results

Hi ladies, how long did you wait to get your test results? In case of a positive result, did you get a call from the hospital? I’ve done the test yesterday and understood I would get the results today, but I haven’t heard anything yet! Thank you :)
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When I did mine, they told me 2-3 days (Melbourne pathology).

When I did mine, the initial reading on the accuchek reader came up high, so I panicked and flagged with the midwife. She said if there is a positive result, they’ll call me from the hospital (the Women’s, Melbs) by the next morning. Was all good, but she called me that same day to let me know. They took a few days to upload the results though. Good luck!

Thank you! Did mine in the Women’s too, didn’t hear anything since Monday. I left a message this morning for peace of mind. Hoping it means it’s all good!

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