Elective caesarean..?

Is anyone having an elective caesarean for their first baby? I have GD and they wanted to induce me early, but having witnessed my sister go through the induction process and after a horrendous week in hospital it ended in a cat 1 emergency section, alongside my own research I have decided to have a planned section instead. There are also a few other very personal reasons, due to losing my step dad very suddenly the week I found out I was pregnant and now my dad is having major open heart surgery the week I will be having baby. I am emotionally in a fragile place and very worried about the birth so need some control over it.. I’m just wondering if anyone else has chosen to have a section rather than be induced? I see so many people against it and really strong opinions which is making me feel like I’m just bottling it..
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Go with your gut hun . What will make you feel better ? .. my mum passed away 10 days ago they saying babies gone over 97th percentile from 39th my scan is today to confirm if this growth is accurate. I'm thinking to get c section instead of induction I've heard some are okay if you get an epidural . But not sure tbh it's such a hard decision x

I chose a section over induction. Ideally I wanted neither but baby was measuring big (and came out above 97th percentile at 39 weeks). My reasons were that, although induction might end in a vaginal birth - I know my body and I don't think I'd manage well with hormone injections. For me and baby, cesarean was the best option. Recovery has been hard but I suppose any recovery after birth can be hard. Listen to yourself, it sounds like you know what's best but just need some reassurance. Now that my baby is here, i can safely say that I wouldn't change my choice.

@Lauren Thankyou. That’s reassuring. I feel similar. I know I’m doing the right thing for me but you see so many things that make you doubt yourself

I am 41+3 and have elected for a c section over induction. I’ve done my own research and felt this was better for me although I originally wanted to give birth as naturally as possible. The fact I have taken control has made me feel a lot better. You know what’s best for you and don’t let others influence you x

I had an elective c section over induction! I originally wanted the classic waterbirth but plans had to change! I just couldn’t imagine anything worse than a long induction for myself or my baby then potentially ending in an emergency! Also, however you give birth, your body is doing an amazing thing💖

I wish I would’ve chosen an elective c-section over induction. I laboured for 3 painful days and reached a max of 5cm dilation but put my son’s health at risk as the oxytocin made his heart rate dip for long periods of time. It ended in an emergency c-section and I felt so unprepared for it as it was rushed and out of my control. Do what’s best for you but it really takes it out of you just to labour all that time and then end up having surgery anyway 😩

Hey, I chose an elective c section. Was going to get induced but I followed my gut and went for the c section. Honestly was the best decision. It went so well. I was trying to avoid an emergency one as induction doesn’t always go to plan. I said to myself I’d rather have control over my labour so went with the elective c section. It was the best experience ever. Very quick too. Recovery wasn’t bad neither which was my biggest worry

I'm going with a section rather than induction, the statistics of either having a traumatic birth or an emergency section when induced are horrifying, there are also issues with the blood flow going to the baby and my consultant doesn't want me going over 40 weeks so the most logical thing to me is an elective section, it's your right to have whatever birth you want☺️

I ended up having a C-section because after two attempts at sweeps my midwife told me that I had a very unfavourable cervix and that it would probably take multiple days to try and get me into labour with an induction 😅 they were also concerned my baby was HUGE (he wasn't🤦🏻‍♀️) so i went for the C-section. I'd always been raised that natural was best and so I was really judgemental about C-sections but my god I ended up loving mine! The only downside is the healing can be a lot more challenging afterwards but honestly it was manageable and I wouldn't let it deter you from having a far more relaxed and enjoyable birthing experience! X

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