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I really need help. My son is 18 months and I cannot do this anymore. Yes, I dropped feedings, yet, he’s still sucking the life out of me every time he’s around, before bed time and during the night. I was away from him for 30 hours and he was fine but then he wouldn’t stop screaming so I had to show and breastfeeding. I’m at a loss - mentally I cannot do this anymore. Any help/tips please? How can I stop? Thank you🙏🏻
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My little boy was the same. I’ve managed to drop all feeds now apart from one in the morning when he wakes but I don’t mind that so much. I started by introducing a bottle for his feed before bedtime. Initially he refused and looked at me to say “yeah right” but I did it every evening once I’d bathed him and lay him down for a massage he normally has a wind down programme on whilst I’m massaging him so I’d play that and give him the bottle and he started taking it. Then I’d take him up to bed red a book and place him in his cot. The first few nights took about an hour as he screamed but I kept going in (and Dad) to reassure him. After about a week he would take a bottle have a story then take himself to sleep. I then started to swap his afternoon feed for a bottle. As nursery were already doing this and he was taking it there I continued offering it at home and he has kind of worked out that as long has he has milk he’s ok.

There’s no time frame for it and it has taken me a good 3-4 months to do it. I’ve also found that when he’s ill he’s gone back to just wanting me but I think that’s because of the added comfort. In those cases I’ve had to start the whole process again.

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