Worried lo is not having enough milk

I started my baby on solids around 5 months as he was showing signs and I thought it was the right time. So he is now 6 months and having 2 meals a day and an odd piece of fruit as a snack but he is only having 21/22oz of milk per day I am just worried this isn’t enough but he seems happy and content and I’m all honesty seems to prefer his food😬 I know their milk is suppose to still be the main thing for them but I’m unsure what todo and if this is right? Thanks guys
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my lo is the same ages been weaning since 4 months old and she only does about 23/24oz per 24 hours and she’s fine aslong as they aren’t dipped they are getting enough that’s what a health visitor told me

My lo is only have 20 ozs a day as that’s all she can tolerate, health visitor isn’t concerned about weight gain or anything she’s 5.5 months

I’ve been weaning from 5 months, 6 months next week. Currently on 3 meals & HV said to go from 5 bottles to 3 but lo has seemed hungry & cranky so I’ve gone back to 4 bottles & is getting roughly 29oz. Lo has. Always had reflux & was ringing up more so that why HV said to decrease milk but like I say he was still hungry and looking more so just accepting that he’s going to bring up quite a bit. It’s so hard to know 🙈

Milk in food counts too, so if you make porridge or give them a yoghurt for example that counts as their daily intake. If baby is still having wet nappies then it should be fine x

Reduce the food they’re having if you’re worried about milk intake. They really don’t need a lot at 6 months!

I don’t think 21/22oz is too less at all. If he seems happy then I’d just keep it as it is x

I've been weaning since 3½ months and my son has 30 oz per day. But he has a high metabolism. If you are worried called the pediatrician

@Krystal Hart wow that’s really early to wean

@Hana yes I know but my pediatrician recommend me to start early because he was eating every 30 minutes- an hour with 7-9 oz bottle

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