Swollen hands and painful wrists

Hey ladies! Anyone experienced painful wrists along with hand swelling? It’s always worse at night and when I wake up in the morning. It gets slightly better as the day goes on.
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I do! Is your grip affected too? I keep dropping things as it’s feels like my hands are not my hands

I’m exactly the same!

Same here! My finger joints feel so stiff and painful when I wake up and almost lock up for the first little while in the morning. Also a really random reddish rash on my wrists. Consultant didn't seem worried though x

@Sadie yes my hands feel super weak xx

@Becky I’ve also been getting red rash up my fingers. Trying to up my water intake to reduce fluid retention. Xx

Yes, I wake up with sore wrists and hands every morning. I wrap my wrists before going to bed which seem to help a little bit.

It could be carpal tunnel syndrome, I had this with my 2nd baby, so bloody painful! You can get splints to wear at night and they did help me somewhat. Once I had had him and lost weight it eased off x

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