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Just wondered if anyone has used a sleep consultant and would you recommend it? Was quite against paying someone for help but our daughter wakes up at least 6 times in the night at the moment and the only way I can get her back to sleep is to breastfeed her and I’m completely exhausted so just don’t know what to do.
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Sadly this is us too! I have considered hiring one, but I have noticed more solids and longer day sleeps helped with this! It’s much better , I still have a couple of wakes in the night for comfort but longer stretches x

@Iqra we’ve started giving her 3 meals a day now but that doesn’t seem to be making much of a difference. Also her naps really vary each day depending what we’re doing and I’ve not noticed any improvement on the days where she naps for longer. She is teething so I don’t think that helps but her sleep has been bad since about Christmas and I’m struggling.

I used Just Chill Mama (after a recommendation from someone else on here). I didn't use her 1:1 consultant, but bought a generic online course that you work through and implement yourself. Definitely saw positive improvements within a few days and although not perfect, sleep is much better

Have a look at Hannah Costello on Facebook! She runs a free course a few times a year which is really great as a try before you buy 🙏

Hey! Has she ever slept well? Or has she not been great at sleeping all along just because there is a 8 month sleep regression xx

PS do you breast feed? If so my friend who was EBF, have now introduced formula bottles at night (just before they put them to sleep) and they have been sleeping through! 🙏❤️

@Ruby can I ask does your little girl still sleep in the same room as you?

@Stephanie yes she does because I breastfeed her I’m a bit worried about moving her into her own room if she’s still waking up so much in the night it will be even harder for me to get back to sleep if I have to get up and go into a different room to settle her every time. Maybe we need to try moving her though.

@Natalie yes I do, I was thinking about doing this but she doesn’t take a bottle very well even with expressed milk but maybe we should try anyway.

@Lilly I’ve used this too and definitely have seen a positive improvement.

This is the one I tried it was about £40 and then the next course is 50% off if you wanted it

@Ruby I was breastfeeding too and my little boy was awake every 2 hours and would go back to sleep after a feed most of the time or sometimes I was almost a little reassurance cuddle as he’d wake up crying I’d pick him up he’d put his head on my chest and fall asleep.. I was against putting him into his own cot in his own room and unfortunately due to my health and needing sleep I decided to move him and he has been sleeping anywhere between 8-12 hours a night and sometimes there’s been 1 wake up but that’s all.. Honestly I was exactly like you but although it was hard it’s been the best thing I did as we are now in a better mood during the day and he now naps during the day whereas before he didn’t sleep well at night or nap during the day.. I didn’t pay for anyone I just put on his nightlight that he’s been used to, put him in his cot, stood by the cot each night but reduced the time now only 3 weeks later I can put him in his cot awake and he goes to sleep once he’s ready.

@Ruby I also have baby camera on all night so we can keep an eye on him and check him during the night if we wake up

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