Feeling guilty for my toddler

My baby is nearly 3 weeks old. Things were going great but I think the novelty of his brother has worn off now, just in time for my partner going back to work! As well as this the baby is crying a lot during the day so needs to be picked up for comfort or he just screams Where possible when baby is finally asleep I say to my toddler I would like to play and get some games out etc but he gets really cross with me and throws them around. He also isn’t wanting his usual cuddles with me etc and his behaviour is declining. Does anyone have any tips? My heart is breaking for him 🥺💔
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I know its hard but it is normal and he will probably adjust. Do you have a sling so you can wear the baby handsfree and then you could still do some games or drawing at the kitchen table? I know some people do a gift from the baby to the older sibling, or there are books about being a big brother and you can try and give him jobs or make a game like ‘Im going to time you, how fast can you bring me a nappy’ also dont be afraid if you need to do more screen time that you normally do. Deep breaths xx

I’m worried about this too! :( My plan is to maintain the nursery routine 3 days per week, and on the other days, do toddler focussed classes/activities out of the house so he feels that he’s still the focus. This phase will pass ❤️

I think it’s because the baby is crying all the time he’s awake and being sick it’s really hard to split myself into two 😩 I do suspect a cows milk allergy like my first so I’m going to try get him to docs for a trial of prescribed formula

My toddler is being extra loud I’m sure and keeps waking the baby up and then he takes around an hour to settle again !! He ran into his Moses basket and startled him and found it funny, not going to lie I lost my cool at that point 😞

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