Baby Shower

When is everyone having their baby shower? I was thinking of having mines at 33 weeks the first week of May but I feel like I should push it back until the second or third week i don’t know yet I’m always overthinking everything. and I have no idea when to start doing everything
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I’m due June 19th but the month of may is soooo packed I’m hoping my stomach is even big enough to have the baby shower either late April or early May and the theme is Baby in bloom

April 6th but that’s because May is my super busy month

I’m due June 21st planning to do my baby shower May 4th the theme is we can bearly wait

I also heard once u get far along in ur pregnancy u just be sooo tired n wanna be left alone so Ik doing it early is good n u can put all the gifts up and rearrange ur baby’s room or space and nest

I’m doing mines either April 27th or May 4th

@Blessin Yes I’m doing mines May 4th I didn’t figure out when I’m going to take my maternity photos I feel stuck in that area

Same idk how far along I should be or where to do them idek who does them or how much 😭

I’m also doing mine on April 6th but only because it’s a convenient time for family coming from out of town. Otherwise I would wait a few weeks

I always do mine early so I have enough time to put the baby stuff away before I get too tired with early labor (plus my first one came veryyyyy early)

i’m having 2, mid & late April (due June 4th)

I’m due to june5 & having it March 23 🤭early! But I have very very high anxiety & want those last few months to be in total bliss! A few of my extended relatives also did this - I think it’s nice to feel there’s ample privacy for just you baby & your partner in the last months❤️

Wondering if it’s selfish to have mine on mother’s day….lol I’m having one here and one out of town with extended family (same theme - “locally grown”) but def not going over the top or stressing myself out about it

Due June 16-18th Planed mine for May 18😭 everybody saying Im doing it too late but last pregnancy I didn't pop till 8 months n I wanna be big bellied n waddling at this baby shower idcccc 😂

My MIL has planned mine for April 13 and I’m due June 13th

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