Help! Poo advice (⚠️ pic included)

Yesterday My 1 year old did 3x poos which were pale/greyish in colour (picture attached is from around 6pm yesterday and wondered if it was just his weetabix from The morning). Never seen it before and very concerned so will ring GP this morning but just wanted to get opinions from other mums too. He’s currently down with a cold /runny nose and had a fever both Sunday night and this morning so not sure if that’s contributing to it. Was due his jabs today but will reschedule due to how he’s feeling.
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Honestly it just looks like a loose poo to me. Your baby is run down so a loose poo is normal

Thank you @Caitlin hoping it’s nothing more than that as the colour was alarming.🥺

Are they teething as well? My little one when she's teething badly she has a few poos like this a day, and they stink, but after a day or so they're back to normal. 😊

Looks normal to me, mine do more disgusting poos when ill and/or teething

Thank you mamas, not great that they go through this but reassuring to know I’m not alone @Sammi yes unfortunately 😢😢 the whole shabang! Appetite has gone out the window and he’s so sleepy

My baby has had some runny poo as well and fever, GP told us he seems to have a bacterial infection and gave us antibiotics for 5 days. May be good to have him checked just in case xx

Aww sorry to hear this about your baby @simona hope they feel better soon! Unfortunately our GP has no appointments and though we have one booked on Monday for something else, will mention this then as trying to get one is so challenging. Called 111 and waited all day for a call back so just managing with the advice given in relation to his cold/fever symptoms

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