Badger Notes?

Hey there!! so i’ve just checked my badger notes (i’m currently 38 + 4) and i have an appointment on my due date telling me to go to the delivery suite at 7:30AM… and the reason says ‘CS’. Is it normal to have an appointment on due date? i’ve been told nothing about this so i’m just confused really so any info is helpful right now😅
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Sounds like you’ve been booked in for a c section? I’d ring and ask them if they’ve not told you about this? X

@Kayleigh that’s straight away what my mind went to… little concerning but i have a midwife appointment this week so going to bring it up! thankyou x

That’s very strange. Are you meant to be having a c section. Weird that they wouldn’t mention it to you

I had one on my due date and had a cervical sweep - could possibly be that?

@Francesca turns out they did book me in for a c section without telling me!! so now i’m trying to get that sorted 😅

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